Welcome to PASCAL Private Kindergarten Lefkosia’s Show and Tell Week!


December 2023

Welcome to PASCAL Private Kindergarten Lefkosia’s Show and Tell Week—a heartwarming showcase of the children’s cherished connections! This special week unfolded with delightful moments as the young learners proudly presented pictures of their families. Their beaming smiles and descriptive tales painted a beautiful portrait of their loved ones, captivating their friends who were engrossed in each heartfelt story.

The diversity in the photographs was enchanting—some shared glimpses of their heritage from Africa, while others brought snapshots of their cherished pets, considered more than just companions, but beloved siblings in their families.

The excitement and engagement were contagious, sparking curious and entertaining questions among the children, such as ‘How old are your parents?’ These interactions not only brought joy but also cultivated a sense of understanding and camaraderie among the little learners.

Show and Tell Week was a testament to the love and pride the children hold for their families, fostering a warm and inclusive environment where each story shared was celebrated. It’s moments like these that make PASCAL Private Kindergarten Lefkosia a place where curiosity, connection, and belonging thrive.