PASCAL Education and the Commissioner for the Environment in Cyprus sign Memorandum of Understanding for Environmental Collaboration


December 2023

PASCAL Education is proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Commissioner for the Environment in a commitment to promote environmental protection, conservation, and sustainable development in Cyprus.

The MOU, signed on December 7th, 2023, establishes a collaborative framework between PASCAL Education and the Commissioner for the Environment in Cyprus to work together on various initiatives aimed at promoting environmental awareness, education, and sustainable practices within the school community and beyond.

As members of Globeducate, a prominent international education organization, PASCAL Private Schools aim to empower pupils, teachers, and schools to promote environmental sustainability and address local and global environmental challenges. Through partnerships with WWF and Eco-Schools, PASCAL Private Schools aspire to address the social, economic, and environmental challenges that are reshaping our communities across the world.

Key components of the MOU include:

Environmental Education Programs: The parties will collaborate on the development and implementation of environmental education programs within the school curriculum. This will include workshops, seminars, and other educational activities to enhance pupils’ understanding of environmental issues and solutions.

Community Outreach: PASCAL Education and Commissioner for the Environment in Cyprus will jointly organize community outreach programs to raise public awareness about environmental issues through joint campaigns, educational programs, and outreach activities.

Resource Sharing: The parties will share resources, expertise, and research findings related to environmental issues, including but not limited to climate change, biodiversity, pollution control, and sustainable resource management. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the impact of both institutions in addressing environmental challenges.

Mr. Victor Antoniou, the Head Teacher of PASCAL Private English School Lemesos, said: ‘As educators, we recognize the profound impact our schools can have on shaping a sustainable future. Our collaboration with the Environmental Commissioner’s Office, is a testament to our shared commitment to instilling environmental awareness. By joining forces, we embark on a journey to inspire, educate, and empower our students to be conscientious guardians of our planet’.

This collaboration exemplifies the shared commitment of PASCAL Education and the Commissioner for the Environment in Cyprus to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and preparing the next generation of leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to address pressing environmental issues.