PASCAL Private English School Lemesos participates in the innovative Erasmus+ project: ‘the VR Green Adventure Project’


January 2024

PASCAL Private English School Lemesos is participating in an innovative Erasmus+ project, the VR Green Adventure Project. The VR Green Adventure project, represents an innovative educational initiative. It aims to foster environmental awareness and responsible behavior among children aged 10-14 through the use of Information and Communication Technologies. The project emphasizes interactive learning and experiential activities to engage young minds.

Key Highlights:

  • VR Green Adventure Project: Cultivates eco-awareness in children.
  • Technology in Education: Leverages ICT for engaging learning experiences.
  • Seven Key Areas: Focuses on Recycling, Water Conservation, Saving Electricity, Reusing, Transportation, Non-Recyclable Waste Disposal, and Green Product Consumption.
  • Educator Training: Provides updated knowledge and tools for teachers.
  • Interactive and Experiential Learning: Enhances student engagement and understanding.
  • Webinars: Supports effective environmental education implementation.


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