The young talents of PASCAL Private Schools Lefkosia united their voice for a good cause


October 2023

In an inspiring demonstration of solidarity, the young talents of PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia and PASCAL Private Greek School Lefkosia united their voices to bring messages of positivity to the children at the Makareios Hospital Children’s Oncology Ward. Guided by their Music teacher, Ms. Maria Valanidou, the choir managed to a make a little difference in the lives of those facing challenging circumstances, using the uplifting force of music which transcends barriers and connects hearts across distances.

Mrs. Christiana Efthymiou, Assistant Head Teacher and IBDP CAS Coordinator mentioned that “their aim was not just to perform well but to send a powerful message of solidarity to those in need. Music has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions, and in this case, we hope that our pupils touched the hearts of the young patients who may be enduring challenging recoveries.”

This act of kindness and compassion reflects the strong values and sense of community that PASCAL Education and Globeducate uphold. It’s a testament to the school’s commitment to instilling the importance of empathy, support, and giving back in its pupils.