PASCAL Private English School Larnaka students’ Internship at PROTEAS facilities – Cyprus Institute of Technology


December 2023

Our students were awarded an internship at PROTEAS facilities at the Cyprus Institute of Technology.

PROTEAS is a research facility specializing in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, employing mirror configurations to focus solar energy onto a receiver for heat conversion. This heat is then utilized to generate steam, propelling a turbine for electricity or process heat.

During the internship at PROTEAS facilities, our students observed Heliostats and a Central Tower-Receiver, producing 150kW peak Thermal power via Molten Salt storage. They also witnessed a platform featuring Thermal Desalination and a fully automated weather station.

This hands-on experience allowed students to see practical applications of CSP technology, fostering learning, networking with industry professionals, and the potential for contributing to sustainable energy advancements.