PASCAL Private English School Larnaka at the Youth Tech Festival 2023


November 2023

Students from Pascal English School in Larnaka were fortunate to participate in the Youth Tech Festival held at the University of Nicosia. Our students gained knowledge about the importance of cybersecurity, the potential of technology for creating positive change, the evolving role of AI in teaching at schools, and the impact of AI on advanced education.

They may have also developed an awareness of the ethical considerations associated with these technological advancements. This knowledge can contribute to their understanding of the rapidly changing technological landscape and its implications for both individuals and society.

We also had the incredible opportunity to meet Benyamin Ahmed! Benyamin is a talented young entrepreneur and coder, known for his innovative work in the technology and gaming industry. He shared his insights into game development and entrepreneurship, particularly his journey in creating the popular game “Blox Fruits” on the Roblox platform.