Charting the University Destinations of PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia Alumni Class of 2022


PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia graduates move on successfully and with confidence to their tertiary education. They obtain university placement at high-ranking universities, mainly in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. Generally, they prove to have successful careers.


LBB Law, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Studying Law had always been a dream of mine, and I am very pleased to say that Lancaster University was my firm choice. Something which helped me greatly was my participation in the European Youth Parliament project, as I developed presentation skills essential for the course I am now studying

For the upcoming graduates, excelling academically and personally requires a combination of discipline, effective strategies, and a balanced approach. The teachers and the counselor are there to help you and guide you accordingly. I wouldn’t have been accepted to a UK top 10 university without the support and guidance of the school’s counselor.

Mikhail Belov

BSc, Data Science and AI, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Coming into my final year of school, I was planning on studying Political Science as I had little belief in myself to go into more challenging and innovative fields. However, thanks to my exceptional teachers who motivated me and showed me that I could reach beyond my expectations, I decided to perpetuate their agenda and apply to prestigious STEM courses at leading institutions such as KU Leuven and Maastricht University, which were happy to offer me a place, thanks to my International Baccalaureate Diploma.

My advice to the current students is to believe in yourselves, and no task will ever be impossible. Given this opportunity, I would also like to thank my IBDP teachers, especially Mrs. Kokkoli, who never let me slump even when I tried to.

Eleni Hasapi

Medicine, Aristotle University, Greece

With a nurturing environment and devoted teachers, PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia significantly helped me gain the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in school, university and beyond. The well-structured curriculum and the committed teachers laid a solid academic foundation.

 The all-day school format provided ample time for both study and extracurricular activities, honing my time management skills. Engaging in the biomedicine club and conducting several career path tests with the help of our school counsellor, fuelled further my aspiration of becoming a doctor.

Gabriella Andreou

BSc, Biological Chemistry, University of South Bohemia/ Johannes Kepler University, Czech Republic and Austria

This program became my first choice from the very minute I discovered it. Nothing would be possible without the help of the Career Counsellor who constantly supported and advised me on any dilemma or problem I faced and of course my teachers, who provided me with the materials necessary to pass the entry exams. When that time came, I was fully prepared because the school’s curriculum had already covered the required material.

Dear current pupils, choose something you like and are good at, something that you will never get bored doing. At your age, it is challenging to make such a decision, but eventually, you will find your way through. Trust your teachers not only due to their experience but because they are also committed to their profession. Aim for the best and work hard!

Olympia Maria Koutentaki

LLB, Law, Kings College, United Kingdom

I always found complex ethical, and philosophical dilemmas fascinating, but my experience at Globeducate Model United Nations in Nice alongside Mrs. Donna consolidated my passion for studying Law.

The diverse environment and the intense debating contributed to what I consider my most treasured experience at PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia. I couldn’t be more grateful for the help of our career counselor for her support throughout the daunting application process.