PASCAL Primary School Lemesos has taken on a new school-wide campaign named ‘Bucket Filling’ to promote positive attitudes and behaviours


November 2023

PASCAL Primary School Lemesos has taken on a new school-wide campaign. This initiative is known by the term ‘Bucket Filling’ and is used to promote positive attitudes and behaviours.  We will be taking part actively throughout the school year.  It will also be sustained in class as part of a Kindness Initiative.

‘Bucket filling’ has become one of the most popular character development programs in elementary schools because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Bucket filling creates in schools a positive energy that is contagious.  It reduces negativity and self-centeredness while it increases kindness, compassion, resiliency.

Adults are not immune to this wonderful contagion, and they enjoy its benefits as they practise and master bucket filling along with the children. Everyone’s bucket gets filled! With so much going on in the world today, and the extra challenges we face, it is more important than ever to practice bucket filling.

Students of PASCAL are given time to fill someone’s bucket (classmate, teacher or other) weekly and keep a journal about how they have shown good deeds and positive actions to others or when they have received positiveness and helpfulness from others.  

We, as individuals, are responsible of filling our own buckets by acting responsibly, helping others, and doing things to make our environment and the world around us a better place. The most important thing about being a bucket filler is remembering to fill buckets.  

As a school we want to encourage every child to be a Bucket Filler. Everyone in the world carries an invisible bucket. The bucket is filled with the good thoughts, kind deeds and polite words that the person experiences or shares with others. When a bucket is full, the person is happy.  

When children, know they’ve filled your bucket and their bucket has been filled, this will also put a smile on their faces while, at the same time, creates important connections.