PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia was a vibrant part of this year’s Nicosia Book Fest


October 2023

It was a weekend of literary celebration and educational enrichment at this year’s Nicosia Book Fest, and PASCAL Education was at the heart of the action. Held at the Akropolis Park on the 7th and 8th of October, this annual event brought together book enthusiasts, families, and curious minds of all ages.

One of the stars of our stand was our AI robot, a technological marvel that stole the show. With its engaging tales and interactive conversations, it captured the imaginations of young visitors, sparking their curiosity, whilst reflecting the pioneering spirit that PASCAL Education embodies.

Our teachers joined the festivities by generously gifting over 650 books to the visitors. This act  aimed to instill the joy of reading and the pursuit of knowledge, underlining our commitment to academic excellence and lifelong learning.

For our young creative friends, our art workshops became a colorful playground of imagination. These workshops served as a testament to our belief in the importance of holistic education, where creativity and academic excellence go hand in hand.

With each event we participate in, we move one step closer to our vision of shaping the world!