PASCAL Private Kindergarten and Primary School Lefkosia celebrate Halloween


November 2023

PASCAL Private Primary School and Kindergarten Lefkosia acknowledge the significance of marking international days such as Halloween.

The school believes that these celebrations offer more than just a delightful break from regular routines; they provide invaluable opportunities for pupils to embrace diverse traditions and cultures. The recent Halloween celebration at the school fostered a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.

On Tuesday, October 31st, the school’s courtyard came alive with laughter and creativity as pupils donned amazing costumes and carved incredible pumpkins. Pupils came dressed in a delightful array of costumes, and enthusiastically participated in a pumpkin competition that showcased their unique talents, resulting in pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. The costume parade was a testament to their enthusiasm for celebrating and embracing the spirit of Halloween.

Pascal Primary School and Kindergarten Nicosia understand that these celebrations go beyond mere fun; they offer a valuable chance for students to learn about the world around them. With dedicated teachers and enthusiastic pupils fully immersed in the Halloween spirit, the day became unforgettable. This success was thanks in large part to the ongoing support of the school community, including our incredible Parent Guardian Association members.

These experiences enrich pupils’ education, making them well-rounded, culturally aware individuals who appreciate the beauty of our global community.