Exploring Cyprus: PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia’s Exciting School Trip Adventure


November 2023

On the 2nd of November, PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia pupils went on their first school trip for this year. Each year group visited different destinations around Cyprus and were able to discover and enjoy the beauty, history and culture of the island.

Year 1 pupils had a fantastic experience at Athalassa Park, Nicosia, where they visited the Athalassa Park Environmental Centre. Surrounded by nature, they learned about the environment and its importance, whilst Year 2 pupils enjoyed a guided tour of Palaichori village taking in the village’s landmarks and learning the rich history of the area.

Year 3 visited the ‘Leventis’ Botanical Gardens in Amiandos and then moved on to the villages of Galata and Kakopetria where they were able to connect with nature and appreciate the stunning botanical world.

Our Year 4 pupils explored Kakopetria, taking a nature trail and walking tour of the old village through which they got to experience the charm of this picturesque village.

Year 5 pupils visited Kalopanayiotis where they were given a guided tour of the local monastery and then walked through its narrow, cobbled streets absorbing the village’s beauty and charm.

Finally, Year 6 pupils enjoyed a day at the coast, visiting Larnaka’s renown Foinikoudes seaside area, where they were able to relax and spend time with their teachers and peers.

At PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia, we believe that education goes beyond the classroom, and these outings exemplify our commitment to providing a holistic learning experience for our pupils.